Art Explained: Mnemonics

January 28, 2019


J. Antonio FARFAN - History 



Graphite and gold leaf on paper

26 x 40 in. ( 66 x 101.6 cm) 
Private Collection: Houston, Texas.



Just after the beginning of 2007,  research on medieval art and Pythagoras centered on the more obscure probabilities of a connection between mathematics and Biblical sequence.   Observations of previously undetected elements in both artwork and written material replaced benign images with a dynamic sequence of moving parts.  Symbols that were once passed over as decorative now became part of a large vocabulary of visual mnemonics.  

In the drawing/painting above, titled Mnemonics, an arrangement of geometric figures cast a shadow from the light of a larger and more dominant ghostly circular form.  The softer effect was created in efforts to cast a more gentle and feminine quality to a from that would otherwise overpower the gentle ambience.  Throughout the image are many elements of procreation and human sexuality alongside a vast amount of "hidden" symbols that haven't fully revealed themselves even to the artist.  

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