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Art Explained: The Analysis

J. Antonio FARFAN


The Analysis ( Aged Painting )

Series; The Garden of Even

48 x 60 in. (121.9 x 152.4 cm)

Acrylic, oil, graphite and gold leaf on linen

Not unlike many of the pieces of the last fifteen years, the subject of the painting is based on thirty five years of journals filled with dialogues, sketches, lists, brainstorms, notes and observations. The forty eight by sixty inch linen stretcher was selected on account of its ratio resemblance to an open journal, further emphasized by pencil drawn angles that were then painted to look like page edges. The erratic composition is part planned chaos and part accident. Adding a three dimensional motion to the plane; colorful paint smears exist with organic and geometric forms going in and out of static and dynamic existence. The artists emblematic reverence to an omnipresent light and scale force the viewer to a marvelous arrangement of form and color.

The analysis has a subject matter that is combined with research into medieval vocabulary. Religious iconography intertwines with rediscovered symbols and theory. Mountain sides, glaciers, spectral theories and tiny cathedrals exist and connect to even smaller arrangements of cells, ovum and flying seeds. Cyclical vocabulary and mathematical truths abound alongside the micro/macrocosmic schema and mnemonic symbols found hidden deep in the writings of early Greek philosophers. Here is a rendition of the beauty and patterns of life spinning in full motion in a vast plane of rich and optimistic color.

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