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Art Explained: Projection

J. Antonio FARFAN 2023 Projection Pastel, graphite, wax pencil on paper 21 x 27 in. ( 53.3 x 68.6 cm ) Private collection, Houston In this pastel painting, the wonders of the world and the universe come together, preserved for posterity like a museum of natural artifacts; a type of guardianship over nature's treasures, safeguarding their existence for future generations. At the top of the painting, a spiral galaxy gradually merges into the room from the sky. The gentle cream and yellow floor beneath bring the colors of the Amarillo, Texas fields where most of these passing thoughts first appeared.

On the left side of the canvas, a glass enclosure holds a small, pristine white cloud, encapsulating a piece of the sky itself for every future human to see. In the center and towards the back of the room stands a voluminous black sculpture, strategically placed before a doorway. Though its precise meaning will remain enigmatic, it becomes a representation of sculptures found throughout various municipalities that were created to evoke a sense of unity through art across different cultures.

The artwork's central focus is the pyramid-shaped projector aptly named "Projection." Its purpose is to elucidate the history of humanity, commencing from the first symbol ever created, encompassing multiple interpretations. Projecting an image named "Nous," it adorns the dark brown wall on the right side of the painting. This "Nous" image holds deep significance, having been featured in previous works by the artist, becoming a central element in newer pieces as well.

Near the front and to the right of the room, a white, stone-like surrealistic sculpture catches the eye. This sculpture echoes the style of the renowned artist Hans Arp, paying homage to his contribution to surrealism and art. It further symbolizes the importance of art to culture and mankind, underlining the reason for its revered placement within this extraordinary museum of natural wonders.


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