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Art Explained: Believe

J. Antonio FARFAN

Believe 2020 25.6 x 19.6 in. (65 x 50 cm) Pastel and wax pencil on paper ... and from the sky, a soft voice said, " You were created by me for a very specific purpose

once you believe this, others will believe in you too."

J. Antonio FARFAN Believe 2020 25.6 x 19.6 in. (65 x 50cm) Pastel and wax pencil on paper $2,950 Framed. Our senses need physical exploration to learn and understand our surroundings. Once the only way to gain this information, physical movement has been inadequately replaced by the limited pictorial and often manipulated information given by a computer, phone and television screen. Our dynamic existence now gets the largest a large part of its data from the cues and subtleties of the eye. A fast moving virtual reality that gives a false assumption of truth and as a consequence inevitably replaces the necessary subtleties of the other senses. Multiple screens and instant changes alienate us from reality and create extreme implications as a consequence. A drug of the worst kind that only only nature can heal. Day and night, the water, air, trees and sky are all requirements of exploration and development. The outdoors heal and is a necessary component of all life.

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