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Art Explained: Favorite Things

J. Antonio FARFAN


Favorite Things

Pastel, wax pencil, graphite and gold leaf on paper

21 x 27 in. ( 53.3 x 68.6 cm ) Private Collection, Houston.

The title, borrowed from the timeless song featured in the iconic movie “The Sound of Music,” serves as a subtle homage, while the painting itself delves into an entirely unique and mesmerizing visual narrative, employing a combination of pastel, wax pencil, graphite, and gold leaf on paper. Elements within the painting have a profound connection to the universe and all its wonders. At the heart of the canvas stands a larger-than-life maternal figure, a gentle transparent symbol of Mother Earth herself, embracing all living beings and nurturing their existence. A representation that emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and preserving our interconnectedness with the world around us.

Organic life mixes with tiny moving parts, intricately arranged, each cog and gear defining the essence of human invention, the juxtaposition of these elements against the maternal figure accentuates the nature of humanity's relationship with the Earth—a simultaneous yearning to create and advance, while also recognizing the human necessity to maintaining a steady continuity with the natural world.

The vision for the painting extends beyond the physical world and dives into the realm of deep emotion and spirituality. Embracing the depth of human sentiment, the painting becomes a profound reflection of the viewer's own emotions. It serves as an invitation to explore one's own relationship with technology, the environment, and our place in the vast cosmic expanse.


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