Art Explained: Ouch!

J. Antonio FARFAN



pastel and graphite on paper

27 x 21 in. ( 53.3 x 68.6 cm )

$3,200 framed.

The magnitude of violence in the final act of Christ is the parallel to much of the painful penitence many human beings perpetuate into a debilitating existence and a life of self destruction. This rigid story goes on to express the power of forgiveness as the hidden antidote for a restoration of the spirit. If Christ represents the body and the executioners the mind we re-incarnate a New Self by completely forgiving and letting go of our past actions. In Ouch!, The Passion of Christ is isolated into one single moment. In efforts to re-interpret the theme from its powerful and graphic past a striking red mallet moves with intense force towards a nail atop an animated gloved hand. As a way to newly portray the scene it becomes apparent that Christ faces away and not towards us, as evidenced by the position of the hand. Throughout the piece are other "Arma Christi" and even multiple animated references to Leonardo da Vinci in whimsical and almost irreverent ways. By bridging humor and modern graphics to an otherwise gruesome and monumental story its validity connects to a different audience while also maintaining its mystery of truth or fiction.

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