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Art Explained: Personal Sun

J. Antonio FARFAN


Personal Sun

Pastel, graphite, wax pencil on paper

21 x 27 in. ( 53.3 x 68.6 cm )


With its roots deeply intertwined in the enduring legacy of medieval and early Renaissance art, this pastel establishes a connection to artistic lineage and transports observers to the Cenacolo Vinciano—the sacred dwelling of Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper mural. This homage to art history forms the bedrock while the very essence of "Personal Sun" draws sustenance from the allure of found objects. Each object portrayed carries an emotional weight that delves into the enigma of attraction marked by hue, luster, humor, and age—an exploration into human perception and emotion. The composition resonates with the emotive weight of found objects. The radiant presence of a bright yellow sun, the whimsy embodied by the Chinese frog, and the enigmatic Nous symbol converge to unravel the profound enigma of attraction. These elements, adorned with color, shimmer, humor, and the patina of age, urges viewers to participate in the same type of meditative journey as the one Leonardo wanted his viewers to take on looking at the Last Supper mural.

Layered with symbolism and introspective depth, "Personal Sun" poses the quintessential question of existence—whether or not a divine presence graces us. The paper piece becomes a vessel for this existential inquiry, adorned with a personal quote strategically placed to fuel further contemplation. At the artwork's base, an inscription thoughtfully reads, "You will find out who made humans through mathematics or by looking at the sun." This theorem nudges viewers toward profound contemplation, beckoning them to explore the nexus of God, science, philosophy, and being.


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