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Art Explained: Sometimes

J. Antonio FARFAN 2023 Sometimes Pastel, graphite, wax pencil on paper 27.5 x 28 in. ( 69.8 x 71.1 cm ) $4,200 There was a dramatic split between the time I started this piece and its completion. Within that short amount of time, a decade's worth of information came in. Time and time again, the universe proves to be relentless and unapologetic. It seems to not give a damn and has a plan all its own despite your existence and regardless of the beautiful world you may have created. But then, when you sit very still and listen, LIGHT shines through this window you created and lets you see that the joy you created is still there... still beautiful. In my transport back to the present, I wanted to squeeze the last drop of gold paint from a tube that was mostly dry. In doing so, I found the metallic color inside of the tube so beautiful against the backdrop of pastels that I just left it because it wanted to be there and didn't care about my opinion.


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