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Art Explained: Thematic Decoder

J. Antonio FARFAN Thematic Decoder


Mixed media on linen Paper: 30 x 40 in. ( 76.2 x 101.6 cm)

frame: 35 x 45 in. ( 88.9 x 114.3 cm) Private Collection: Austin, Texas.

The painting was part of a 2016 exhibition titled The Garden of Even and the title of the painting from a beautiful book on the hidden language in Renaissance art. Created on linen, the house paint, oil and graphite piece investigates the ancient and rediscovered meaning of the square and the circle. Two seemingly simplified forms with a classic mathematical expression define Adam, Eve and the serpent. Looking closer and above the circle, a suit cuffed hand bears down from the top - an invented modern day icon of “Business Jesus”. Conversations about the Church and evangelization is an inextricable part of everyday conversations in the south of the United States and continue to coin regional vernacular. In this case, the visual conversation explores the differences and similarities on the ancient and contemporary interpretation of scripture and the importance, purpose and relevance of Christianity itself. There is hidden intention in the color, size and placement of the symbols. The hand expressed as a transfer begs to be analyzed and discovered while the two larger dominating symbols ask for further exploration. The viewer is left to ponder and contemplate a painting that reveals itself as it ages.

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