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Art Explained: Aged Drawing No. 6

J. Antonio FARFAN Aged Drawing No. 6


Pastel on paper 26 x 19 in. (66 x 48.3cm)

Private Collection: Houston, Texas.

This piece is part of a larger group of pastels on cosmological interests that were started in 2015, aged and completed in 2017. The creative process of “aging” provided an opportunity to exercise a type of continuum wherein the subject of the painting extended and changed as the artist matured in understanding. In this pastel the marks and symbols express the singularity that turns into a massive explosion known as the Big Bang, the major theory explaining our origins and the expansion of the universe. The expressive marks aren’t fully instinctive. A decision was made on the meaning and application of the larger symbols before being put on the paper. And while some parts have a superficial purpose still others have an extended meaning that has matured beyond conscious comprehension.

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