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Art Explained: Invisible Pollen

J. Antonio FARFAN Invisible Pollen Thinker Series, No. 9 2019 11.37 x 13.25 in. ( 28.89 x 33.65 cm) Acrylic and oil on maple 1,500. framed Honorable leadership exists in all denominations. Stewards of a message as received and interpreted by man, it is impossible to separate these men and women from a higher being. They empower themselves and their congregations through faith against the malevolent and unearthly forces that invade and exist inside the human thought process. It is through these servants that we witness the power of integrous spiritual authority and the reality of good over evil. In this small wood panel physical and spiritual forces attempt to invade the peaceful serenity of one truly and completely connected to a higher being.

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