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Art Explained: Moon Garden

J. Antonio FARFAN

Moon Garden


20 x 16 in. ( 50.8 x 40.64 cm)

Acrylic, oil on linen

2,850 As the green plants became denser, large fruit started to appear throughout and the sun felt it had fulfilled its purpose and went away. The moon was left alone to ponder its life as the garden continued to encroach its once empty space. The sun would return the next day for a moment, but never again would it spend millions of years staring at the moon in the face again. As the months and years continued, the moon became sad and disillusioned at its lonely existence, it closed its eyes and floated without thoughts through the deep and dark blue sky. Just then, a tiny sound was heard above, and the moon looked up to notice tiny sparkles of light. The light became more and more evident as the moon looked in amazement and now realized that no night would ever be spent alone. It had always been that the moon was in the company of billions and billions of stars, some red, some blue … now the moon continued to float in the sky and the moon was happy.

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