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Art Explained: Story

J. Antonio FARFAN Story 2020 Acrylic and oil on linen 40 x 30 in. ( 101.6 x 76.2 cm)

faith is an intuitive and active process that seeks to unify our existence with a higher power. It extends beyond human language, not limited to intellect or dialogue and best expressed through prayer. The painting is a representation of the unseen and the physical actions of the supernatural. Nature responding to the electrical current of human thought. Living organisms in action amidst an image of a parallel universe. The chromatic pink sky is anchored by a green earth filled with life that is moving away from a smoking blaze. The smoke extends upward and gently transitions into a vaporous downpour that comes from a lavender cloud inside a gold framed world. The oval shape and the upward extension of the smoke outline metaphorical representations of courtship and conjugation and the ever present cycles of the universe. The foreground is dominated by a lush green ground that presents forms running from an engulfing fire on the right. The oval shape becomes a secret entry point to an invisible world and is framed in gold as reverence to an enigmatic threshold wherein all change occurs. This liminal place exists at the mid point between knowing and not knowing, between a dream and reality and the everlasting habitat of prayer.

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